Second Wave Studio Brand Marks


Since 2005, Second Wave Studio has offered a variety of graphic design services from print to website design. Over time we have streamlined our services to focus on visual content production for online and social media content. 

We specialize in professional photography and short format content including product photography, stop motion video, interactive 360-degree animation, logo animation and more for social media, website, and other online use.

Behind the Camera

Jennifer Maison is a multidisciplinary designer and lifelong creator whose work includes a diverse collection of print and digital design. Over her career, she has been both a freelance and in-house designer for small to mid-sized companies. She is a Certified Professional Photographer and Adobe Stock Contributor

Jennifer received her Associates degree in Advertising, Illustration, and Design from the College of DuPage, and her Bachelors degree in Internet and Web Development from Arizona State University. The founder of Blue Beaker, fine artist, solo traveler, (out-of-currency) private pilot, and home renovator. A nomad in search of a future home and studio in the woods, she currently calls Ottawa, Illinois home.